Happy Equinox! New Album – Slipper DSD Sessions

Season of the Fall 2014 – Equinox for All
Download the new DSD album
Slipper DSD Sessions
…and the bit goes on….

6 Brand New Tracks in Native DSD recorded on Sonoma by Charlie Natzke at Slipperworld.net and mixed by Charlie Natzke as Analog directly back to Sonoma stereo DSD64.

It’s only $9.95 right now – You can get it only at

The Slipper DSD Sessions are the result of live studio sessions performed by David Elias, Charlie Natzke, Chris Kee, Scott Beynon and Ken Owen in the small intimate studio at Slipperworld, La Honda, California in the redwoods not too far from the coast.

Songs included are: 01 – Miracles Take Time (solo); 02 – Poor Polly; 03 – White & Blue; 04 – Silver Pen; 05 – River of Dreams; 06 – Miracles Take Time (CasualTees)

These sessions were recorded to 8 tracks or less on Super Audio Center’s Sonoma DSD workstation using EMM Labs/Meitner ADC/DAC converters. They are not overdubbed. Like all my other DSD albums, this release uses the same approach of minimal micing without isolation, capturing the acoustics of the room, the band as well as the spontaneous arrangements of each song presented. These tracks range in dynamics from the sound of a full electric/acoustic band, to a pure acoustic trio (Heavy Wood!), to a solo acoustic singer/songwriter (that would be me). It’s as real as it sounds.

A PDF is included with song and concept notes by David Elias, photos by Peter Buranzon, as well as lyrics. You can get the PDF here…

What you get to hear on this release is a very dynamic side of my catalog recorded carefully at Slipperworld to take advantage of the rich spectrum of harmonics, decay, resonance and natural analog like sound captured by single bit, 2.8mHz sample rate Direct Stream Digital (DSD…and the bit goes on…). You can listen to these nuances using any computer audio gear or home/studio hifi gear supporting DSD playback. You also get MP3-320 downsamples for your smartphone or iPod.

Feel free to reply if you have questions.

Happy Equinox!  Aloha!

– DE

PS – here is what audiohile Gary wrote about these new tracks:

Miracles take time
There is a delicacy, hushed reverence  and deeply felt awe in this song, a melancholy “smiling with sad eyes” vibe. I was deeply touched.
Love that your lyrics are both accessible and enigmatic. They require the listener to pay attention and “get it” but without the struggle and off-putting frustration of completely obscure and inaccessible lyrics. You’ve always had the right balance as a poet and song writer in tuning in to this balance.

Poor Polly
Love the intro. Mysterious but inviting where an expectant anticipation is created. The ensemble playing is, as always, first rate.your voice is in a higher range which conveys a bit more anguish at being sometimes bewildered by life itself. Settle Down the Questions indeed?
Love the riffs between stanzas. To me the song is about not taking the easy way out and giving in to glib and ready answers to life’s most difficult questions and quandaries. One continues the pursuit; the struggle because one must. There is really no other way to be truly human.

White & Blue as a propulsive allure that conveys a mystery within mystery. Perhaps the passage of time with its inevitable longing and as perceived from the different vantage points of other living creatures.

Silver Pen.. I love the opening intro and the transitions. Playing and ensemble are, as always, top rank. Nothing is overdone or underdone. The tonal balance matches the purity and honesty of your singing. Pristine.

River of Dreams is very much in the same spirit of longing and remembrance of what once was but can never be again  . . . no regret . . . just sadness, longing and acceptance. Loved it.

With these last two songs, I’m reminded of several of my favorite songs of longing that make me deliciously melancholy every time I hear them. A contradiction in terms? I think not. These songs describe the person left behind and explore what draws the other person – sometimes inexplicably – to another place – like a magnetic north that can’t be resisted. These are some examples:

Bob Dylan “Man in the Long Black Coat” on Oh Mercy
Alison Krauss “Maybe” on Forget About it
Alison Krass “Ghost in the House” same CD
Joan Baez “Jesse” on several of her classic CDs