The cheap, the free, & the streaming

FullMoonMaunaLoa2-1080So you thought you could use some new cheap to free and nicely entertaining new music? I know I have and have have. Don’t reread that last sentence.

I put things online that also fall into this category or at least hope so on the entertaining side.

First is a new release that went catywampus with me trying to create a new type of album collection on Bandcamp and ended up being just a bad link in a message to my followers there. Sorry…

[…the free…]
So my song “Down A Hill” is $0 or more if you want on Bandcamp now through the end of the weekend (Calif. or Hawaii time, pick one):

Just enter $0 or more as the price to pay.

[…the cheap…]
In addition, I reduced the price of all the albums in my discography on Bandcamp which includes the MQA remasters up to 24/352.8 from DSD conversions to DXD to a skimpy $7 each.

Go to my discography and listen to and choose the ones you want. These prices are good until August 15th. The entire discography can be purchased at an additional 20% off for the whole parking lot.

(NOTE: Bandcamp is again providing full 100% to artists today Friday 8/7/2020 until midnight PST. Thank you Bandcamp.)

[…the streamingly entertaining…]
Then I’ve created a new playlist on Spotify called “The Acoustic Round Table…” that is 90 minutes of various acoustic faves I have earmarked for frequent listens online (at 320kbps if you change the “Music Quality” settings in the setup).

Hope you enjoy any or all of the above, thanks for listening to my stuff online, the Spotify playlist also has a new release of mine called “Extra“. Both that and “Down A Hill” have been somehow making the algorithmic playlist connection on Spotify so getting lots of plays. And I don’t know how to crack the code. Musician’s lotto as usual. Typical of the digital, virtual, remotely isolated day to day we all are embracing in our own ways.

If you want to find some scientific entertainment on a very serious topic you can try this YouTube:

Be safe and well. Photo above is a shot I took of the full moon setting over the summit horizon of Mauna Loa, a single active volcano rising some 30,000+ feet from the ocean floor (higher than Everest) with more cubic mass than the entire Sierra Nevada range. The height measurement doesn’t include the 26,000+ feet it sinks from its own weight below the ocean floor. In total it is over 8 miles underwater. Maybe that’s why they call it the Big Island I don’t know.

~ DE

photos copyright david elias