“it’s now or never, more than ever” – dylan

Here I am thanking WordPress who I don’t know for the easy opportunity to spill my guts whenever possible on the essence of “for art’s sake” from my universe and also thanking Desmond F. (Dez) who I know online but haven’t ever met, for the encouragement to start the blog with some intent to bring a musician/artist’s view of…well art, sometimes in the form of music, but probably sometimes in the forms of photography, computer-aided-whatever, and who knows, maybe other artistic creations which in my world have always included literature, nature appreciation and immersion as well as so-called fine arts to the table in the form of education and awareness for those that might need some assistance in the identification of and perhaps details of some of the technology and logistics in order to better approach these modern arts in their own personal and private fashion whether that be as producers or consumers. In other words, I want to write about my experience with technology and art as combined entities that have allowed me paths to create things that I believe in even if I don’t fully understand.