Holistic Audio Systems – Launched May 2021

Welcome to my new adventure in online retail hi-res audio reproduction systems.

You Can Finally Hear It All
Without Wires and Racks.

VLOT Pro: Highest Studio Quality, All Formats
VLOT Micro:
OTG Studio Quality, 10hrs battery
VLOT Freedom
: Integrated Active Speaker System

All Systems Can Be Networked For LAN WiFi Audio Eliminating
distance and obstacle barriers to bit perfect lossless hi-res

All quotes based on inquiries include discounts off manufacturer suggest retail prices.

Includes my personally guided assistance in specifying then ordering the right system and then helping you set up a purchase as any addition to an existing hi-fi setup, or as a brand new sound reproduction hi-res system.

I’ve been helping music listeners worldwide achieve their audio perfections in hi-res for a few decades now and truly love helping anyone get it right. My work as a recording hi-res musican has had me inside the studio with DSD and hi-res reproduction since 2000. My careers in computer tech since 1982 have had me at the code and core levels of networking and data integrations since the first Apple and IBM PC’s showed up.

* Hi-Res Integrated Solutions Available in US and International *

Prices you see here are suggested retail. All quotes from me will show a Friendship discount I can provide.
Just ask for the quote and state what your overall needs and goals are for best quality music playback
Non-Discounted fully integrated systems with setup assistance list at USD $1299 to $3999

Contact me for info on this innovative way to reduce cables, clutter and AC power needed, producing audiophile grade excellent sound reproduction on all streaming and downloads.

WiFi enabled (2.4GHz) as lossless audio, any format from Smartphones, Tablets, Computers

Optimized Lo-Power and Hi-Res Reproduction that is Compact and Relocatable

Bluetooth 5.0, Smart TV or Other Digital Audio (Toslink + Coax) and RCA analog

Complete Setup Instructions Provided: Music in 5 minutes, Hi-Res over WiFi in 15 minutes

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  • VLOT Pro and VLOT Micro are my integrated product names for as few as a single DAC/preamp/streamer component (iFi Audio). VLOT Micro offers DAC OTG mobility in its new Eco efficient iDSD Diablo DAC, Headphone amp, Preamp. A full day up to 12 hours battery.

    WiFi enabled directly on VLOT Pro using iFi Audio Pro iDSD DLNA/UPnP/Airplay/Chromecast. Access to deliver streaming audio from any device and format is enabled on VLOT Micro using the integrated SONORE microRendu 1.5 or ultraRendu with a linear power supply (SGS LPS 7V shown).

    Both Hi-res systems over a single stereo cable connector (provided) to the VLOT Class D amplified active speaker column pair (Starke Sound). 150W RMS with included 4 ohm speakers (108 SPL @ 1m)
  • VLOT Freedom is the stand alone VLOT Setup that you can begin to use in 5 minutes via Bluetooth 5.0. Also supports Coax, Toslink/Optical, RCA Analog inputs. Contact me for a discount off manufacturers suggested retail prices.

    Systems come with patient and expert guidance in setting up and tuning up for your ears.

    VLOT Pro and VLOT Micro
  • AirPlay/Chromecast/DLNA/UPnP over WiFi
  • Operates lossless within LAN/WLAN WIFi range (2.4GHz must be supported)
  • 100% Lossless Audio Integrates with NAS/Cloud library streams
  • 7W to 15W Active DAC/Preamp/Network Streaming (my measure)
  • 15W to 25W Active Speaker/Amp (my measure)
  • 45Hz to 25kHz frequency range (no subwoofer required, though is supported)
  • DSD256/512, Full MQA Decoding, DXD x 2
Shown VLOT Pro and VLOT Micro setup for demo with ClAudio passive switch for A/B comparisons.
Computer not required but welcome Audirvana, Amarra, Roon, JRiver, etc. DLNA/UPnP Supported

I am an Authorized Dealer for iFi Audio, Starke Sound, and Sonore products

Many of you know how I got started with hi-res in its earliest days as a musician looking for a better sounding digital audio recording platform over, to me, highly disturbing but still requisite MP3 and CD routes of the late 90’s. I found the far better and still my favorite digital sound to recordings when I was introduced to DSD and was fortunate to begin working directly with that media format in the early 2000’s.
Not much later in life, I worked as so many others did at finding ways to improve the sound quality of the home stereo and home studio.

As DSD and DVD-A matured on discs (SACD and DVD-A), so did the consumer and prosumer equipment available at cash and carry places like The Good Guys. Then BDP’s and UDP’s started playing DSD and 24/96 or higher from USB sticks. OPPO even went the full route to support DLNA though few chased that.

The idea of DSD and other hi-res downloads came next. I began that trek from my own website and albums in late 2009. Several hi-res sites came online in early 2014, all audibly defeating the inorganic sounds of AAC/MP3 and CD downloads from Apple (2007) and early low bitrate MP3 streams from Pandora (computer 2000, iPhone app 2008) and many more that followed that compressed pre-ringing echoed trail.

Holistic Solution #1:
: iFi Audio’s Pro iDSD (left in photo above, integrated with VLOT Pro configuration see VLOT amplified speakers below) — offered through me at US $3999 (plus discount). You pay tax and shipping. These are US prices, other countries quoted on request.

Read my blog review of the Pro iDSD...

iFi Audio’s Pro iDSD DAC/Preamp/Streamer

Holistic Solution #2:
VLOT Micro
: SGC’s 7V linear power supply with Sonore’s microRendu v1.5 streamer (or recommended upgrade with ultraRendu) and iFi Audio’s Diablo iDSD DAC (right in photo above, integrated with VLOT Micro configuration, see VLOT amplified speakers below) — offered through me at US $2499 (plus discount). These are US prices, other countries quoted on request.


Read Head-Fi’s February 2021 Full Review of the IFi Audio Diablo iDSD DAC

iFi Audio’s Press Release Describing iDSD Diablo (Jan 2021)

Bundled with VLOT Micro is the SONORE microRendu network streamer with 7V Small Green Computer Linear Power Supply. This combo produces a clean network streaming path for all music sources to your iDSD Diablo DAC. (A suggested upgrade is to select the ultraRendu streamer.)

Contact me for an introductory discount

VLOT Pro (with iFi Audio Pro iDSD DAC/Preamp/Streamer)


I have a hard time being brief with tech things because I don’t want to misinform anyone through lack of information. Oh yeah, they call that transparency now.

My attempt at a short version here is that I finally found, after the literal calendar years of looking, to become nearly 100% free of all the wires (all speaker wires, interconnected component wires, all the AC power wires for all those components) and still get the absolute highest quality DSD (up to 512) and MQA (full decoding, not just rendering to 352/384k) easily played from my computer both wired and WiFi. All in an openly architected system where any component might be changed without disrupting the efficient integrated solution. If you are wondering what I meant by that, please ask.

In addition, I now had no problem using my iPhone to use WiFi as AirPlay (or Chromecast on Android) for the output of my music player. This works from Windows computers as well (DLNA device) in the Windows Sound Setup. So now I can walk outside with my Smartphone and the music keeps playing inside out the open windows, or from the lanai if I have the speakers setup out there (the whole rig moves outdoors or back indoors in less than 2 minutes).

My iPhone can control the network streaming of all my music sources from anywhere I am inside or outside. With a wired CAT5/6 connection from my laptop (Surface Pro 7 shown in top photo) I can play DSD 128, 256 and 512 tracks as well. JRiver lets me control the PC with its JRemote app so the phone still is boss here too when I want.

The DSD audio files are all stored on my NAS (6TB), not the limited SSD space on the laptop. The NAS has a fast Ethernet connection to the router. Everything I have as DSD64 and below (PCM, MQA, MP3/AAC) can also be played from my Cloud drive (2TB) at pCloud online over WiFi. Yes I can stream my DSD64 from the Cloud through my computer then over WiFi to the DAC and speakers even if the iFi documentation says I cannot!

So without being rudely brief here, I started freaking out as to how good absolutely every piece of music sounded on my pilot VLOT Pro setup regardless of the music source.

MP3 and the rest below DSD512 are all remastered by the Pro iDSD DAC to DSD1024 at 45/49mHz, 1-bit before being filtered and output as analog. This includes music and movies through the Toslink optical audio connection to my Samsung Smart TV. All music is upsampled to DSD1024 which most people have never even heard before. Coax and USB Drives are all supported as well.

I believe the sound quality from the music streamed to the DACs, properly decoded and filtered then preamplified (analog tube or solid state choices) and delivered to the 3-way VLOT amplified speakers will astound even the most astute audiophiles especially if they have first peered at the total contents of VLOT Pro (merely 2 components) and price (US $3999 complete).

I first documented this in my blog here before I decided I should try to become a reseller and expert guide for what I believe is a great solution for many who simply can’t venture into the highest sound quality for fear of either the complete price tag, or the complexity of picking the right gear and then getting it to work at all, let alone tailored to sound best to their ears.


No speaker wires, no preamp to amp interconnect, no computer to DAC USB interconnect, no separate network streamer, DSD1024 Remastering for all streaming audio from any source. Hear It All through a single cable.

VLOT Pro – Simple single cable (RCA stereo) connecting DAC/Preamp/Streamer with VLOT Active Speakers.
Control playlist over WiFi from Smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop from anywhere on your LAN/WLAN.

I finally found a highly scaled integrated and innovative way to make this happen that should not be confusing to anyone who receives it then proceeds to set it up. From me it comes with both my how-to printable instructions and my direct communication which is usually just email but can extend to cell phone if needed.

I work with you to get it setup and working all included in the price. After 30 days you can still get to me for assitance with the audio at an hourly rate.

Inquire about a Friendship Discount

The VLOT Micro system uses the iFi Audio micro iDSD Diablo Reference Quality DAC/Preamp and Sonore microRendu Network Streamer with SGC Linear Power Supply

This system offers an OTG Mobility with the reference quality sound of iDSD Diablo which is also portable and battery operative for up to 12 hours (Eco mode, also Normal and Turbo switch choices). The VLOT Micro can provide the same Ethernet LAN/WiFi access to all devices with music players via the Sonore microRendu (or other Sonore product) streamer that is added with a linear power supply from Small Green Computer.

VLOT Micro with Diablo DAC supports all hi-res including DSD256 and full MQA decoding. It’s a superior preamp (line out option) as well as headphone amplifier.

iFi Audio’s Press Release Describing iDSD Diablo (Jan 2021)

I will help you setup this fine integration for a total cost of $2499 US plus shipping. Contact me for an introductory discount.

VLOT Freedom System, Stand Alone (No External DAC/Preamp/Streamer) – $1299 to $1599 USD

Inquire about a Friendship Discount

If you are interested in a one-stop amplified speaker system that has no wires and supports all popular input methods out there including Bluetooth (5.0), Toslink/Optical, Coax, RCA/analog, consider the stand-alone VLOT system from Starke Sound. It’s also available through me with an introductory discount at Holistic Audio Systems

Read more in my blog’s first review of VLOT Active System from Starke Sound…

I can help you or anyone you know get started on the audiophile paradigm in a total audio layman’s environment. You honestly don’t have to speak tech to get this done. And you honestly won’t believe what you hear, both through any headphones (balanced, unbalanced, SE) and through the VLOT speakers which can get freakin’ loud if you want with completely solid basement bass (45Hz) but do not require, though does support a sub-woofer (also available through me as a Starke Sound reseller).

I’m happy to offer you a discount off the list prices you see online for these products. I appreciate all of the support I’ve always had from many of you as a musician. I am happy to be equally supportive of any music listening and music lovings habits you have that need some revival through new or additional gear to your current stereo or studio setup.

And if you already have a DAC you absolutely love and just want a WiFi solution for network streaming of your music from the Cloud or from your NAS/Server/Computer I can help you solve that too.

Let me know what interests and what questions you have. I’m happy to write back if you reply to this email or contact me through the links at https://holisticaudiosystems.com

I can provide you with my expert integration assistance in setting up the VLOT Pro, VLOT Micro, and VLOT Freedom systems that makes it is as easy as munching on a spam musubi while walking on an active volcano. Delicate yet hearty, nervy yet entirely doable. And you are so happy you have arrived when you sit down to listen.

Tune into the details through VLOT Pro, VLOT Micro and VLOT Freedom.

Contact me with questions or requests for quotes.

Mahalo & Aloha!

~ DE

Look up the products presented here on their manufacturers’ websites:

What To Expect Going Forward….
I started writing online about hi-res mostly in the format of DSD right on 20 years ago while my early experiments then SACD recording projects began. I was still cutting my teeth on recording and mixing my own DIY Home Studio CDs and recorded almost everything live to a Sony TCD-8 DAT machine. It was a new digital world, I even was introduced to the early better-than-cd workstation called Waveframe which I experimented with at home as well — It was a noisy Win NT computer host with the ADC and control cards and stayed cool and more quiet in a walk in closet my bedroom studio provided. Exciting stuff for a computer software, telecom/datacom musician!

Many years later I began this blog as a still independent unsigned musician. And I still am that. Selling high quality audio systems with hi-res as a focus and wireless LAN/WiFi as another big focus and low power as a third strong point is something I’m excited to begin. I’ve assisted with endless data tech problem solving projects spanning anywhere from a few hours in one day to quite a few years. These were computer based, sometimes for datacom sometimes for telecom sometimes for music.

Overall I’m well qualified to make stuff work in these realms. I’ve designed and hand coded lots of real time systems with data communications as the central theme. As I write on the https://holisticaudiosystems.com website, I see the convergence of computer audio (data) into the Ethernet networks (802.x) as a modeled repeat of the voice & data network convergence that started in the late 90’s. Ethernet won then and I believe will now over Bluetooth and other proprietary standards that are difficult if not preventive of interoperability.

So expect the Holistic Audio Systems offerings to expand and seek new highly efficient and lower cost ways of producing excellent music reproduction. I’m always happy to answer questions about what I’m up to in the tech + music world I like to live in.  Contact me from any of the websites below.

– DE
https://holisticaudiosystems.com (see prices online here)

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