Australia World Media – finally breaking into New Age…

on da internet radio… new age… poor polly…
trancendental deprivation part ii – straw dream…

You can listen online… here’s the link:

Here’s the date/time in California (18 hrs behind Australia broadcast):

October 8th (Wednesday) – 4pm to 5pm



1.    David Elias   Slipper DSD Sessions

       Poor Polly

       Track   2   Play list   Native   8.30


2.    Will Ackerman   Visiting

       Hawk Circle

       Track   3   Play list   Visiting   5.06


3.    Trysette   French kiss  


       Track   Play list   French   3.26


4.    Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney   Transformation


       Track   2   Play list   Transformation   7.12


5.    Stanton Lanier   A Thousand Years

       Always in Blossom

       Track   8   Play list   A Thousand   4.32


6.    Mala Ganguly and David Vito Gregoli   Prana

       Sa Native-Mix

       Track   7   Playlist   Prana   4.26


7.    Lawrence Blatt   The color of sunshine

       Jaune  ( Yellow )

       Track   7   Play list   The color of   5.08


8.    Fiona Joy   Portrait of a waterfall

       3rd.movement    “ The Ascent”

       Track   6   Play list   Portrait   6.43


October 8th (Wednesday) – 5pm to 6pm


 1.    Walkin’ Jim Stoltz   The Vision


       Track   5   Play list   The Vision   5.08


2.    Steven Vitali   Language of the soul

       Soul healing

       Track   13   Play list   Language   6.15


3.    Steven Chesne   Moments form the life stories of strangers

       Glory story number 2

       Track   5   Play list   Moments   5.06


4.    Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman   Winds of Samsara

       Heaven is here

       Track   6   Play list   Winds   6.02


5.    Ray Spiegel Enaemble   Moksha

       Soul at sunrise

       Track   3   Play list   Moksha   6.28


6.    Adam Andrews   Road to Ambo

       Hope and joy

       Track   3   Play list   Road to   4.39


7.    Matthew Schoening   Narrow path

       Frolik 1

       Track   6   Play list   Narrow   4.31


8.    David Elias   Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions

       Transcendental Deprivation Part II – Straw Dream

       Track   13   Play list   Acoustic   9.25


**** Programme is sponsered by Little Hartly Music Fiona Joy’s label ****


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