Savin up Pay me now

I’m not sorry
Bout anywhere I been
How could I be
I ain’t goin back again
And I ain’t faking
About some famous future past
Recognize the distance
Fear is for the few

And I ain’t talkin
Bout a demotion team 
Crossing swords across
That bridge of love that’s in between
I just got saved, save me now
I just got paid, pay me now
Liberate my liberation
Talk to me just talk to me

I looked across a silly rainbow sky
I looked into a dozen doors
I pushed against the walls that held me close
I just don’t know
How many times ago

But now I feel the change
Because it is within me
Savin me some paper
Savin me all things
I care to care
I care to own up
To demographics

I’ll be the one plus one

Anytime Offer ~ Independence Rules ~ Happy 4th

The Anytime Offer…

It’s independence reminder time and that works for me. Keeping moving and creating things and paying attention to art around me which includes in a big way nature in general.

I’ve worked in the past year or so reassembling the earliest recordings I had from when I started working with digital audio in a home studio situation in 1994 and 95. Before those years I had recorded to multitrack 1/4″ and even 4-track cassette and other things off and on.

In 1994/95 working at home more in a studio setup with real mics, real recording gear, a mixer, yada yada was new for me at the time. My ears were wide open!


Now I’ve released these as MQA encoded masters. The 16 tracks onIndependent Acoustic Roots don’t appear anywhere else. Some of the same songs and takes do in fact appear on my first CD release “Lost in the Green”. But those final CD tracks had been overdubbed with other parts in many cases and remixed in all cases. Again there are numerous songs on this release that don’t even appear on the first CD.

These independence tracks are just what I recorded and how I mixed it originally. It’s as stark and sparse as it gets. If you don’t like stark and sparse, you won’t like this. You don’t need any special player or equipment or software to hear the MQA master. It’s regular CD quality 16/44.1.

In listening to these early recordings and mixes I had made, I realized I have not come as far as I sometimes like to think I have :)

These recordings were and are all about a singer-songwriter with a guitar and a few mics (usually 2 on the guitar and 1 vocal) playing his original songs in a makeshift bedroom studio. That’s still what I do a lot, often with only 1 mic!

But these songs were all carefully played and recorded (16/48 Tascam DA-88). I then mixed them to stereo carefully on a then pretty new Mackie 1202 that I still often use live. So it’s as basic as it gets and the essence of my acoustic independence seems wrapped in that.

I didn’t have anyone telling me what to play, how to play it, who to sound like, what was popular (coffeehouse hadn’t even come back yet in the mainstream), or even when to play.

I still don’t have those requirements today and am still thankful for that. Sharing these early tracks is something I’m happy to do because to me they sound pure acoustic and that is still something I like a lot, wherever it’s coming from.

So I hope you get to hear some of the acoustic roots cellar material I’ve put out now from then. It is still the way I write and sing as far as I know.

As always thanks for listening and enjoy your 4th and your independence.

Aloha to All,

– DE

OOPS! BACK TO THE OFFER… With no time limit (one per person), if you get the Independent Acoustic Roots download here, I will give you a free redeem code for any of the other titles I have online here on Bandcamp.  A lot of these are MQA encoded as well and have the logo. Many are hi-res and unfold to 24/352.8 with the proper MQA DAC.


I’ll get your email address from the “Independent Acoustic” Bandcamp download and then contact you to find out what other album you’d like, or feel free to just email me with your request.

Also remember that Bandcamp downloads allow you to grab any and all formats they offer anytime after purchase. They also then provide unlimited streaming of songs for that title.

Be sure to download any lossless format which includes: WAV, FLAC, AIF, ALAC. Whatever you are used to using, they are all encoded as MQA. Avoid MP3 and AAC however as they are lossy and lose the MQA encoding.


Illegal Copy #2 – Decrypted

From A Mythical Musical Space Into The Ether.

Those who were there in 2002 and have heard these tracks have said similar things about it. It was a time to be there. It was a feeling to be shared. It was music to breathe in. It was organic.

Illegal Copy #2 was recorded directly to stereo on a 1-bit 48kHz Sony DAT (TCD-8) using a single small Sony stereo mic setup on a mic stand in the middle of the San Gregorio Store facing the band and PA.

The music came in to everyone’s ears and into the Sony mic the same way.

 I mastered the songs captured on Illegal Copy #2 (basically a single set from that day, in order) back then in 2002. I then designed the disc image you see here and burned a handful of copies and printed and glued the sticker image on them and gave them to people in the band and some local friends who had been there. It was a bootleg.

Then time went by.

When I recently decrypted the lost copy of that bootleg and played it I was taken back to a very special time, place, and people, and sound that I didn’t want to lose again.

So I created the album here on Bandcamp where you can listen to it. If you want, you can then download it and stream it anywhere. It doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Here are the fine musicians with me from The Great Unknown some 15 years prior and I’m still very proud to know them:

Gary MacArthur – tenor sax, flute
Lisa Kelly – mandolin, backing vocal
Scott Beynon – bass
Perry Thorwaldson – drums
Reid Dennis – percussion
Iseult Jordan – special guest and friend on “Stone House on Blueberry Hill”

It’s always about the music – Aloha!

– DE

PS – if you are interested in an MQA encoded copy of this album, reply to me and let me know.

i didn’t cry (til i was healed)

i didn’t cry (til i was healed)
– david elias, 6/12/2016 8:06pm HST

so i left the bankrupt controversy
i left the country citified
i left rhetoric your name
what’s your name

so i traveled hard
and hardly traveled
i beat the climate war
i landed outside
just outside

i kept your feelings
close at hand
but heart was heart
a vagabond
forever seeking heart
not by example
seeking heart
not by therapeutic samples
seeking heart
not by diagrams or charts
pointing the way
seeking heart
by seeking heart
from the outside
into nature

and i didn’t cry
til i was healed

Independent Acoustic Recording, Performing, Online since 1995

David Elias MQA 24/352 Masters

MQA = Master Quality Authenticated.

Maybe you don’t keep up on this stuff. I don’t always either…But MQA has been something gnawing at my good sound quality curiosity for awhile now. It is a mysterious (to some anyway) approach to getting better sounding audio from just about any source including typical downloads (compared often to iTunes), streaming (compared often to Pandora) and even CDs (compared often to “the industry”).

So… enter MQA, not anytime that recently, as they (MQA Ltd. spun from have been at this research and development for some years now.

My short version is:

Yes, in order to get the hi-res unfolded benefits of MQA encoded audio files you need a DAC that is MQA enabled. There are a few for sale out there now.

Yes, MQA is being supported by some large streaming providers including 7Digital. Others with interest may follow.

Yes, MQA might eventually be deployed in software media players so the need for DAC compatibility could become optional.

Yes, MQA folds the hi-res audio data such that the transport of the data whether streaming or downloaded as a file is a much smaller image than what hi-res files cost today in bandwidth. MQA is always not much bigger than a normal CD to download or stream. But you can get the big hi-res unfolded quality when you play it! If you don’t have the MQA DAC, it still sounds good and is playable on what you might have today.

Yes, MQA playback can sound a lot better to my ears than what I usually hear from PCM masters. The biggest improvement in my unlearned opinion comes from what is referred to as a reduction in the temporal or time blurring of the playback. There is a better focus and location of each instrument in the mix. It is also a more relaxed, natural sound losing some of the PCM edge that I have become pretty sensitive to picking up over the years.

It is more ambient and to me, more DSD-like. It is also more 3-dimensional. I described it to an audiophile friend as a pyramid of sound with the point of the pyramid pointed slightly towards the listener, not straight up in the air. So the image of a band performing the song came to mind very readily, with the back edge of the stage raised and tilted slightly towards me.

So I developed MQA masters of my hi-res albums and my newest CD release “Rare To Go – December Solstice” to allow easier and faster downloads of my masters to be accessed by those who are not especially interested in DSD, or just are maybe just especially interested in MQA or better sounding PCM masters.

Trying to download a 24/352.8 audio file is a “good luck” proposition normally. But MQA allows this to be easily done where the total album is still just around 1GB of data. That’s it.

However the playback sounds excellent with an MQA DAC in use. I am using the Meridian Explorer2 which retails for $299. It does not play DSD files, just PCM at all bit rates.

My MQA Promo…Go here for 2-for-1 MQA downloads…

If you are listening to MQA today and want to hear how my albums sound with that encoding, I will give you a free title of your choice when you buy any of the four 24/352.8k releases: “The Window”, “Crossing”, “Acoustic Trio”, “Coffeehouse Playlist”.

It’s Memorial Day Tomorrow! You can get the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal until May 15, 2016

If you have questions about MQA feel free to reply to this message, it just goes to me.

I have been working with MQA Ltd. in the UK on getting my DSD masters converted to DXD and then having the PCM masters encoded as MQA. All the work was done by MQA Ltd. and the results have been very and sometimes surprisingly excellent.

I like good sound. If it sounds good, it is good. I don’t have to go too much beyond that for my own sonic barometer. Good job MQA.

I’ve always maintained that DSD is the magic sauce behind many many great sounding recordings and master tape transfers. That’s still 100% true to my ears. How can it be delivered through PCM channels including streaming? The hybrid SACD was and still is a good but only partial solution with the Redbook CD layer.

But what about hi-res DSD conversions as well as native PCM hi-res masters at 24/96 and above?

PCM needs help.

Large hi-res file downloads (DSD and PCM) need help saving time and the ISP’s gigabyte limit for many.

Streaming needs help sounding a lot better than it has from most big sites.

Regular CD download quality needs help sounding a lot better than it has since the beginning, especially when it’s in the form of lossy compressed formats like MP3 and AAC from iTunes, but even as it’s delivered on a typical CD.

MQA helps… Mahalo!

– DE


May Day! 12-title Discography 75% Off

~ All 12 Releases, 75% Off ~
You can download (and stream forever)
CD and HRA (24 bit) Masters

Some of my discography has been online at my Bandcamp site for a few years now.

While there are *no DSD* source masters (DSF files) on BC, there are the very very good quality 24 bit / 88.2kHz downsample transfers of the DSD albums, as well other CD and 24/96 Masters of other non-DSD albums I’ve been self-producing since 1995.  Some of these exist as downloads only so you won’t have the plastic CD version of them.

Go here to see and hear the 12 albums available:

Behind each album, there are full song previews (with pretty darn decent streaming quality, good job BC!).

There is also an option to grab the entire discography (all 12 albums). For MAY DAY there is a huge discount applied to the discography deal. It is currently 75% off or less than $50.

David Elias Discography

So go online there and listen to tracks — you can purchase the Discography download option from any album page — just scroll down and you’ll see it listed as shown above.

About Bandcamp Downloads…
With any album (or discography deal) you will also get unlimited streaming of the same tracks from computer or smartphone or whatever you use.  Here is a page for help with downloads from Bandcamp:

Note: You will first need to be logged in to Bandcamp before you can download the files.

You can download in ANY format offered which covers all lossless PCM master quality formats (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC).  Be sure to choose one of these formats for the best sound quality. Don’t worry, you can download more than one format for different uses or different players. Again pretty cool, good job BC.

Many of the albums included also offer other special things to download including PDFs with notes, photos, lyrics. There are also videos for download with some of the titles.

Spring is here. May Day! Enjoy the weather (whatever the weather).

Mahalo Nui,



ONE – a year in the making

ONE – a year in the making

“Bought and listened to the album “One”. Have about 40 albums with hi-res stores (from 96 kHz to DSD128), but this sound never met. It’s incredibly clean, the background is blacker than black. Musical instruments are precise, clear, but not sharp, no porridge, no noise, no haste, no bloated confusing scenes and confusion. This album has a special, unique atmosphere. This amazing adventure. Bravo!”Online music lover

Finally, after nearly a year in the works, the limited edition PS Audio Sonoma Master Series release is shipping. A project to help musicians and further the state of the art in musical reproduction, this collection of pure DSD recorded music is nothing short of stunning, both musically and sonically.

Hand mastered and curated by Gus Skinas, each of the 10 tracks is a sonic masterpiece you have to have in your collection. This two-disc set includes a dual-layer SACD with pure DSD as well as a uniquely mastered CD layer, playable in any CD transport (more on this in the further description), and a DVD data disc with high resolution 176kHz 24 PCM as well as DSD.

Also included is a beautiful 20 page color booklet. A true collector’s item. Get one in your hands before they’re gone. Ships worldwide.

Buy Here…

Thanks for Listening!

– DE

PS – “The Blue Planet” $1 EP download sale is good thru Friday 4/22 (Earth Day!)… If you have 3 minutes, the soundtrack to this video I created from film I shot of a partial lunar eclipse from the Big Island is “Inverness” from same EP. The synth I played is mixed with the night crickets during the eclipse…


Earth Day 2016 – Blue Planet EP for $1

For Earth Day – A Blue Planet

I remember the very first Earth Day. I was standing on the blacktop in April at my grade school (please don’t get your calculator out). A Wisconsin senator had been inspired to initiate Earth Day as the result of a huge oil spill at Santa Barbara. It was something then. It is something now.

On April 22,1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies.”

A few years later (time is relative?) I created an EP called “The Blue Planet” written through inspiration from one of many visits to the Pt. Reyes National Seashore area, a surprisingly remote and isolated planet of its own to me, just across the Golden Gate out to the coast.

Now it’s suddenly 2016 and I’m looking at jungle outside of Hilo. Still a Blue Planet, still an Earth Day. Still very much something to me.

Between now and the day after Earth Day you can download the CD Master of the 6-song EP “The Blue Planet” from 1998 here on Bandcamp using PayPal or a credit card for $1. Or you can just stream it for $0 from the same link to take a listen:

Hoping we can all pay just a bit more attention to the planet and think about what we are using versus what we are returning to it.

With Aloha,



forest tuning


Rare To Go – December Solstice CD & Download…

Click Here to find the CD package online, and the Mastered CD tracks to Download…

3D Animation of the package…

For the Solstice and Holidays, and with 25% discount on both the CD package (ready for shipping around New Year’s Day) or the CD Master audio download (ready now as WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF), I want to share what I came to think of as something like my musical diary of a working band.

The Story…

It was more than just finding a new CD to come up with. In fact it started with me over a period of months just listening to tracks that had accumulated at different times on a mastering/recording box I have (Alesis ML-9600).

Some of these were mixed DSD studio takes downsampled to CD resolution for reviewing, others were live band rehearsals capturing the room in stereo with 2 mics. Others were from shows where I had a DAT recorder at 16/48 plugged into a mixing board.

So the story of how events (rehearsal, studio recording, live shows) progressed at seemingly random steps slowly emerged from these playbacks. Then I wanted to organize a thread of them for myself as a warm recollection of a lot of talent and a lot of work and even more so, the fun and enjoyment shared among the musicians during the journeys.

The CD…

And that was the genesis of this different kind of album. It’s one that took all the hi-res and lo-res, well prepared and getting prepared, and live material, and put 10 songs together that helped visualize in an audio fashion that story, ending with my migration to Hawaii (“Help Yourself”on ukelele). It’s just my personal version of that story through these tracks. I am so grateful to have been part of it.

Click Here for the 18-page CD booklet as a PDF with Notes, Lyrics, Photos, and Links.

Then I wanted to share it with anyone interested. I also wanted to optimize the fact that all the source recordings were going to be mastered as a homogenous album for CD release. In other words, all I wanted was a good sounding CD, nothing else. This is not the focus of the SACD hybrids or DSD Downloads. So I then worked critically on that final CD mastering using the tools I had.

A lot of people who have been listening to me for 20 years or so haven’t had time or inclination to get on fast tracks to h-res and all the gear and software that takes plenty of both of those ingredients (time & inclination), not to mention some extra dough.

I felt in a retro way that it should be simple to provide an honest and very good sounding CD to anyone and everyone, instead of isolating the music towards only those with hi-res (DSD, HRA) inclinations. Something to carry to the car or to someone’s house or to just keep laying around in the living room to play a bunch…

The Holidays…

So by putting this out I’m breaking down some of the walls I myself created diving into hi-res (which I still love don’t get me wrong). And this disc still contains all the important qualities I’ve been tuned into for all these years: good honest performances, good room/mood/ambient captured in recordings, and good studio preparation (mix/master) for release. Is it hi-res? No. Does it sound real, live and natural with high quality? Yes!

So here it is for you to enjoy as well. In addition to the 25% discount offer that is good through New Year’s Eve 2015, I am including a free copy of the “David Elias & The CasualTees” CD with all of the CD disc orders. This has a limited edition quantity (signed if you like, one or both discs) of 50.

Use these Discount Codes for the Bandcamp 25% off:

CD (w/ downloads and streaming): raretogo_cd

Download Only (with streaming): raretogo_download

The CD will begin shipping right around New Year’s Day 2016 + 1… (that’s Jan 2nd or so).  Yes if you buy the CD you get the CD Master downloads as well as unlimited streaming from the album page. Bandcamp happens to sound very good to me, however it is streaming the CD and HRA masters I have there. You can in fact preview any of the albums I have there in full — not clips, the whole song.

You can find either media to order using the discount codes above right here on Bandcamp…

When I get the discs (I like the new package a lot!) that are being replicated right now (real CD’s not CD-R’s) I’ll start shipping the CD orders to you with the free “Live in San G.” copy as well.

I suggest you download the PDF to read and reference for all the lyrics and other notes. The lyrics are even written like a story this time (i.e., paragraphs). What can I say, it just happened.

 Be Well…

So be well and enjoy yourself through the holidays and into the new year. My thanks to you always for listening and to the musicians and studio/sound people on these tracks with endless gratitude.



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Paying Attention to Detail…Mobile HRA from OPPO

Extending Free DSD / HRA / CD Download with OPPO product purchase for the holidays…Mele Kalikimaka!

The Fast Lane to the Art of Listening

Mobile HRA – The way of listening anywhere

12/16/2015 – the free DSD album download has been extended! If you purchase the OPPO product through my link on this post, you can choose an album download of mine from the catalog here: — Happy Holidays! – DE

Aloha and yes, it’s June. I know I’m not the only one living in a fast forward universe. So be it. But enjoying the ride is always good. I have made time this year for a lot of renewed listening to many old and some new recordings. It has been a joyful journey.

The main way I’ve been getting to the detail of many styles of writing and playing/recording is through my kick ass Mobile HRA setup of an OPPO HA-2 portable DAC and headphone amp, and the the OPPO PM-3 closed planar magnetic headphones.

Here they are with my iPhone…I played…

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